The quirky side of God

One of the great things about the Bible, apart of telling us about God and Jesus, is that we can find all sort of great stories that resonate with us. The Bible can go toe to toe with any Hollywood movie. Do you like suspense and drama? The Bible has plenty of that! Do you like plots that twist and turn? Ask Solomon! Are you into romance? Oddly, also Solomon also knows a little about that. Do you like poetry? King David can give you some lessons. Do you like to ponder about things? Well, you could have a conversation with the teacher (Ecclesiastes).

There is a variety of stories in the Bible that perhaps you have read or you have heard a sermon on it. We preachers like to choose the “hits” of the Bible (familiar texts). But what about the unknown or unfamiliar passages that are never preached or studied? Well, throughout this worship series, we will explore those unusual and, honestly, weird passages our Bible has.

Perhaps you know somebody who has brushed aside the Bible because of its “weird” stories. Well, this is a prefect opportunity to invite that person, because we will study all of those odd passages. Through July, we will be exploring the “quirky side of God.”